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‘I love Dr. Mirza and his staff. They are professional. They answer all of my questions and very helpful.’


‘The best endocrinologist in Texas’


‘Very knowledgeable’


‘Dr. Mirza provides excellent medical treatment for my osteoporosis.’


‘I would recommend Dr. Mirza for anyone needing diabetic care.’


‘Dr. Mirza has been a great surprise to me. He actually spends time with me and answers the questions I have. He takes the time to explain what is happening with my medicines and my body. He is a true gift in a medical field where so many doctors don’t have time to visit but seem to run a patient mill to get as many people in as possible. He has a fantastic nurse, Gabby, as well. You will not be disappointed in choosing this doctor.’


‘My visit was very well and pleasant I was very satisfied at the outcome. Very professional and polite and the staff are wonderful thank you’


‘Very good service’


‘Thorough, personable and informative.’


‘Le doy gracias primero a Dios,por haberme puesto al doctor en mi vida y mi salud,ahora el se va encargar en ponerme control en mi diabetes.’


‘Dr. Mirza is knowledgeable, kind and very approachable doctor. He is good in explaining your disease or illness and recommending what’s good for u. He is an easy doctor to talk to.’


‘Dr. Zubair is an excellent endocrinologist who has helped a great deal to manage my sever diabetes. In addition to his professional excellence, he is very pleasant to talk to and get answers to various concerns. Very patient and helpful person’


‘To me, Dr. Mirza is not doing business with me instead treating my conditions as should be. My diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension is now under control and I am doing lot better than earlier visiting him. I am satisfied and can recommend him as Best Endocrinologist available in my area.’


‘Dr. Mirza listened to our concerns and explained it in a way we could understand. I would recommend him to those who want a great doctor and understands the stresses of having medical problems. His staff, Gabby is awesome! She always returns your calls quickly AND has an answer for you! Great team!’


‘Dr. Mirza and has staff were so accommodating to my needs.’


‘Gabby is an outstanding nurse, Dr. Zubair Mirza takes time to review and values your input. I have referred several people to his care.’


‘Dr. Zubair Mirza is an excellent physician in the area of diabetes. When I came to home at that time my A1C was between 7.8-8.6 and my weight was 178. In three months my weight has reduced to 154, and A1C to 6.6 while I completely stopped taking Metformin and Glimpride and have cut down more than 70% used of Lantus insulin. Dr. Mirza is also extremely peasant and thoroughly discuss any issues that you might want to understand. In a scale of 1-10 where 10 is best I would give him 10. Me to’


‘Had a great checkup today.’


‘My doctor and staffs are great.’


‘I was very pleased with the staff and service I received and it is always a pleasure when your scheduled appointment is on time with little to no waiting. Everyone was friendly, informative and helpful. The doctor was very nice and had great customer service. I recommend this practice to anyone needing a good and experienced Endocrinologist.’


‘Dt. MIRZA is a proactive doctor who listens and acknowledges our concerns and questions. He respectfully interacts with my husband and myself. I appreciate his medical interaction. I totally trust him with my health. Dora Verraires’


‘Great Service and Professional’


‘Dr. Mirza has really helped me get my diabetes under control. He closely monitors my diabetes and educate me on what I need to do to prevent further complications.’


‘Dr. Mirza is an outstanding physician. He has assisted me greatly in getting my A1C below 7.0.’


‘Dr. Mirza really shows concern and is working very hard to help me with my medical issues.’


‘Excellent doctor. He is a very good listener with appropriate responses. His concern is for your overall well being. I especially like his preventive approach to my well being. I enjoy visiting with him.’


‘Dr. Mirza is a very competent and personable physician. I have followed him to different practice locations. You cannot help but like him and trust him.’


‘Dr. Mirza is an amazing doctor and his assistant Gabby is fantastic. My 4 Stars is for the front desk staff at both the FM 1960 & FM 2920 locations. They can be very short and rude. And if you are enforcing wearing a mask then they should be following the policy as well.’


‘Very knowledgeable. Offers options and listens well to the patient’s needs.’


‘Dr. Mirza is always listening to me as I tell him how I am feeling or how my progress is going. I would recommend him to others’




‘Dr. Mirza is patient understanding and really listens to you. He explains in detail everything that is wrong and makes plans with you to correct your problems. He is one of the best doctor I have ever met. Thanks so much for being there when I need you.’


‘Excellent service’


‘Are follow ups the same as office visit ? Please advise.’


‘Best doctor (general or specialty) I have ever had. Easy to talk to, good advice, easy to get an appointment. Follow his advice and you will see improvement in your condition.’


‘Dr. Mirza has done wonders in helping me control my diabetes. I whole heartily recommend him.’


‘Love Dr. Mirza knowledge, detail and explains it so simplified, and he cares. I drive over 45 minutes from Katy, Texas to maintain him as my endocrinologist’


‘Very understanding and professional.’


‘Very good endocrinologist, he is very knowledgeable. He has been working with me, I feel very confident that I can get control of my diabetes with his help.’


‘Since I started with Dr. MIRZA my health went in the right direction and i am enjoying my life being on the course he set me to.’


‘Dr. Mirza is the best endocrinologist in the Houston area. He is knowledgeable and is very good at sharing that knowledge with the patient which brings better results than just writing a prescription. He listens to the patient, and helps them with specific difficulties they are having. He is willing to fight the insurance companies to be able to provide the best medication for each patient.’


‘Very Polite And Professional. Really Aware Of My Husband Medical History. Keep Up The Good Work’


‘Great. Service’


‘I have the greatest doctor, he cares about my feelings.’


‘He is really good doctor!!!’


‘A nice and talented doctor’


‘Dr. MIRZA is one of the best! He has great bedside manner and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!’


‘Dr. Mirza has consistently provided me good advice and counsel resulting in control of my diabetes.’


‘Compassionate, caring, and highly intelligent physician.’


‘Great Doctor.’


‘Dr. Mirza is an excellent endocrinologist. In the 18 months I have been seeing him, my blood sugar numbers have come under control, and I have lost 75 pounds! At appointments, he teaches instead of preaching, and is always willing to answer questions. He is also good at dealing with online pharmacies.’


‘Dr. Mirza And The Employees Are Very Friendly And Keep Us Well Informed About My Husband Health. Keep Up The Good Work. God Bless’


‘Very thorough and friendly.’


‘Dr. Mirza is the best Endocrinologist I’ve ever had. He’s guided me through the use of new insulin and encouraged me in the effectiveness of the insulin. Referring me to the nutritionist, was eye opening. It has helped me to take responsibility for my eating habits, and determine what works for me.’


‘Good friendly service, very knowledgeable people’


‘Everything was excellent service.’


‘Dr. Mirza is always very pleasant. He takes the time to listen to the patient. He also takes time to educate them on their condition. Great teacher!’


‘Dr. Zubair Mirza is a caring Endocrinologist. He is competent in his field and empathetic. He provides well considered advices to his patients. I have been under his care for the last 3 plus years and I am thankful to him for taking care of me.’


‘Had A Visit Today With Dr. Zubair Mirza. About And Knowledgeable About My Health. Staff Is Very Friendly Keep Up The Good Work. God Bless. Kirk Young’


‘The staff and the doctor are courteous, friendly and attentive to my needs and concern .’


‘Dr. Mirza is patient, knowledgeable, and most of all, he does not rush his patients, he listen to his patient.’


‘Dr. Mirza is an excellent physician. I really enjoy my visits with him. He reviews your past and current health concerns and listens to your assessments of your health and treatments. He explains why he is doing what he is doing along with expected results. I like the man! I will continue to refer individuals who are in need of his specific services. I wish all of my doctors had bedside manners similar to Dr. Mirza’


‘DR. Mirza explained my condition in a way that was easily understood.’


‘Dr. Mirza is very knowledgeable and caring. He will give continuing care and I appreciate it. I drive from Katy because I like his bedside manner.’


‘Good people and friendly staff’


‘Dr. Mirza helped me loose 50 pounds and get my sugars under control. I’m very thankful to have met him.’


‘Dr. Mirza always listen to my concerns, and he always take his time to answer my questions. He always explains everything in plain English. Thank you…’


‘The best doctor, I am so happy, thank you doctor.’


‘Very professional staff, friendly.’


‘I have been impressed with Dr. Mirza’s skill and professionalism since I started seeing him. He is ready to spend the time required to make sure I understand his diagnosis and his on-going treatment plan. He answers all questions quickly in easy to understand terms.’


‘Dr. Mirza is very kind and thoughtful He listens to what I say and gives me the feed back I need to help me. Great Dr.’


‘Dr. Mirza is a thoughtful and caring physician. He is an expert in his field. But even more important, he listens to his patients. He designs a healthcare plan based on their situations – not a one-size-fits-all approach.’


‘Good Doctor, great patient care.’


‘very pleasant and easy to talk with. Listens well.’


‘I had a great visit today thank you’


‘Dr. Mirza has done an outstanding job in treating my diabetes for several years. I highly recommend him as an Endocrinologist.’


‘I am very pleased with Dr. Mirza. He is very friendly, knowledgeable about his field of medicine (Endocrinology), and helps me with my goals to manage diabetes. His staff are also helpful and friendly.’


‘Good physician and takes his time with explaining and answering questions’


‘Dr. Mirza has been one of my physicians for almost 3 years. He is easy to talk to and explain your problems to him. He really cares about your health and well being.’


‘Good bed side mannet’


‘Dr. Mirza is awesome, he answers all your questions and is very reassuring.’


‘Great Service’


‘I am confident in the care Dr. Mirza has provided. Because of his guidance and suggestions I am on a course to wellness. I appreciate his candor in that he places my best interest at heart in order that my life style can be better and I can have a chance at normalcy and quality of life.’


‘Dr. Mirza is a very caring and concern he is always on time to greet his patients’


‘Dr. Mirza is attentive, detailed and professional.’


‘Was quick to see my doctor. Everything was orderly.’


‘Zubair Mirza is very professional and is about helping his patients to figure out what’s wrong and getting your health on track. He is honest, cares about your health, and goes beyond to take care of you as a patient. His staff is professional and friendly and they make sure to see you on time, so you don’t have to wait. I am thankful that I see Zubair Mirza he’s a great doctor and person.’


‘Good physician. Caring and excellent bedside manners. Would recommend to friends n family that need a good endocrinologist.’


‘I have to give Dr. Mirza five stars. He has been forthright and clear from the beginning on how he could help me better manage diabetes. Re-educating myself on nutrition, exercise and using insulin. Office staff are polite and pleasant. However, I was asked for my insurance information this morning for the second time. I gave that information on the first day that I came to see Dr. Mirza at his new location. Thanks Dr. Mirza!!’


‘Very professional answers all your questions and concerns.’


‘I love my doctor cause he’s caring.’


‘Very friendly, very easy to understand The Dr. take his time to explain the situation Thank you very much ….’


‘Everyone was very friendly and cooperative. My appointment time was when I saw physician. My first time at this location, and I was very pleased.’


‘Friendly staff – warm pleasant Physician- caring.’


‘He is listening to what I’m saying ! I have learned so much about my medication and how I should take it . I were on the same medication for many, many years seen many doctors . He were the only doctor told me that “I didn’t that medication anymore . From that moment ,I knew I hit gold . Dr. Mirza address all my concerns! Now, I’m have goals to do better and get better. I will see him in 2 months! I’m so excited started working harder to get healthier!’


‘Dr. Zubair is well experienced endocrinologist in four months I lost 35 pounds now I am not injecting insulin anymore’


‘A very good doctor with very very good staff.’


‘Excellent attention of Doctor Mirza and nurses’


‘Love this new Doctor! He really listens to your concerns and answer my questions without me having any doubts about his treatment direction. And his nurses are just as amazing because they are extremely helpful!’


‘Staff was very accommodating and Dr. Mirza is an outstanding Endocrinologist.’


‘Dr. Mirza is wonderful. He listens, and explains things well. The office situation needs work, though. The reception area is so small, the line to check in goes out the door, and there are not enough seats for those waiting to be seen.’


‘Not a quick in and out appointment. Dr. Mirza fully explained my meds and how they are used to work collectively to address a medical issue. Listens well and takes his time answering questions.’


‘It is great.’


‘I have found Dr. Mirza to be extremely knowledgeable and courteous in all my dealings with him and his staff – highly recommend’


‘Very pleased! Dr. Mirza is very knowledgeable, polite and professional!’


‘I Met with Dr Mirza today for the first time. It went great and I will be seeing him in the future for further visits’


‘Professional and personable, always explains what test are for and answers questions with the patient in mind’