What kind of doctor should I see if I can’t lose weight?


What kind of doctor should I see if I can't lose weight?

Losing weight is hard. We all know that. But sometimes, having the tools to make losing weight easier can be even more helpful than losing weight. And that’s where doctors come in! Doctors are trained in all sorts of things, but they can also help you get healthier and lose weight if that’s what you need them for. Losing weight is a common goal among people who see their doctor when they’re feeling unwell or unhealthy—and there are many different kinds of doctors out there who can help with this issue:

General Practitioners

What kind of doctor should I see if I can't lose weight?

General practitioners (GPs) can diagnose and treat many common health problems. They’re also trained to treat the whole person, not just a specific medical condition.

GPs are trained to treat people of all ages, from babies to older people.

They may have specialist knowledge in areas such as diabetes or heart disease. Still, their focus is on providing comprehensive care for patients with long-term conditions or complex needs like mental health issues and substance misuse problems.

GPs are the first point of contact for many people with health problems. They’ll see you if you’re sick or need advice about a health problem. They can also refer you to other healthcare professionals, such as specialists or consultants, for further investigation and treatment if necessary.

Bariatric Physicians

What kind of doctor should I see if I can't lose weight?

When you have a medical provider (usually a primary care physician) that specializes in weight loss, it’s more likely that they will be able to help you achieve your goals. Not only will they be able to provide the necessary resources to help you lose weight, but they can also provide treatment for any health issues associated with obesity.

Bariatric physicians are medical doctors who specialize in the treatment of obesity. They have been specially trained to effectively manage overweight patients so they can live healthier lifestyles without suffering from any health complications caused by their excess body weight. Bariatric physicians may offer consultations regarding nutrition or exercise programs and recommend different surgical procedures, such as gastric bypass surgery or lap band surgery if needed.


Psychiatrists have a lot to offer people who are struggling with obesity. They can help you manage any mental health conditions affecting your weight loss, such as depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). A psychiatrist can also work with you on medication management and behavioral therapy if they don’t think a diet change is enough.

Psychiatrists are also skilled at helping patients lose weight themselves. Suppose a psychologist or therapist visit hasn’t helped, but you still want guidance through losing weight. In that case, it may be worth seeing an overweight psychiatrist who specializes in treating this condition instead of waiting for another appointment to come up with someone else who can give similar advice later on down the road.


What kind of doctor should I see if I can't lose weight?

If you have tried to lose weight but have not been successful, it may be time to see a dietitian or nutritionist. They are experts in food and nutrition who can help you understand how your eating affects your health. They can teach you how to make healthy food choices, create a diet plan that is good for you, and offer tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A dietitian or nutritionist can help you determine if the weight is a health concern and, if so, how to lose it. They will also work with you to create an eating plan that fits your lifestyle and nutritional needs. If you have diabetes or have other medical conditions, such as heart disease or high blood pressure, they may also be able to help manage these conditions through diet changes.


What kind of doctor should I see if I can't lose weight?

A gastroenterologist is a specialist who focuses on the digestive system, including the stomach and intestines. They can help determine if your weight loss struggles are caused by intestinal issues like Crohn’s disease or an intolerance to certain medications. It is also possible for them to prescribe some medications that will make it easier to lose weight. This type of doctor is a good choice if you have been struggling with your weight for years without success because they have experience dealing with these types of issues.

Exercise physiologist

What kind of doctor should I see if I can't lose weight?

An exercise physiologist is a professional who helps patients lose weight through exercise. They may work in private practices or at a hospital or clinic, but they are not doctors. Instead, they’re trained to help people get more active and make better choices about what they eat.

An exercise physiologist’s main role is to give you advice on how to improve your physical activity habits so that you burn more calories every day and lose weight over time. They can also help with nutritional planning for weight loss if needed.


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